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The Harvard Alumni for Black Advancement (HABA) Internship is a paid 10-week remote leadership and professional development internship program to equip students for community-oriented, equity-centric careers.

HABA connects student pairs from Harvard, historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs), and community colleges with meaningful professional experiences at impact-driven organizations. Additionally, Harvard alumni mentor interns to enhance the training experience.

The internship runs from May 28, 2024 - August 2, 2024. 

The Summer 2024 Internship Application is closed.


HABA to me means an extension of community and a web of resources that we as interns can access. Being affiliated and associated with Harvard alumni and other Black professionals means so much to me.

My workmate was phenomenal! Throughout the internship, they were super helpful. I learned so much for them; they were a key source of support and were essential to my success this summer.

HABA has pushed me even further along the path I had already set for myself, allowing me to work with an organization that shares my passion and develop myself in areas that will prepare me for the future.

The most valuable component was seeing my progress. Engaging in dialogue on challenging issues has given me new perspectives and improved my public speaking and communication skills.


I really enjoyed this experience! I could see my mentee's growth and I think they found our time together helpful. We were a great match. I would love to have another experience mentoring in the future.

My mentee and I had lovely conversations this summer. I'm always happy to support and mentor whenever I can.

I really appreciated the opportunity to provide some guidance to a younger Black person on a similar career path. We shared many interests and goals, and I found our conversations quite fruitful. I hope to do the same with other interns in the future.

Great opportunity to make a positive impact on a future lawyer's life.


  • Harvard, HBCU, and community college students pursuing any degree.

  • Recent college graduates (Fall/Winter 2023 or Spring 2024)

  • Legally authorized to work in the U.S. 


  • $3,500 Stipend

  • Bespoke training and mentorship that cultivates personal and professional development

  • Fellowship with various students, alumni, and professionals 


  • March 2024: Applications Open

  • April 2024: Application Review

  • April 2024: Finalist Selection

  • May 2024: Intern Orientation

  • May 2024: Internship Begins

  • August 2024: Internship End

A Young Man Writing


Participate in weekly Harvard alumni-led career trainings



Design and coordinate a project to support the Black community

Online Conference

Public Speaking

Mobilize others by communicating to a larger audience

Graphic Designers


Receive mentorship from Harvard alumni to for support


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