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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to be from a particular racial/ethnic background to participate? 

NO. All students from community colleges, historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs), and Harvard who are committed to Black advancement are encouraged to apply. 

Is this opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students?

YES. Undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to apply.  

Do I need to have a particular academic background to participate? 

NO. Students do not need to have previous experience or be a specific major to apply and participate in the program. We encourage students from a wide range of disciplines to apply, and there is no GPA minimum. 

My university's classes will end in June. Am I still eligible to apply?

YES. HABA works with students and their home institutions to facilitate their involvement in the program. Accommodations are discussed when a student is selected for the program. 

Can I participate in the program if I am a recent graduate?

YES. If you graduate in Winter 2022 or Spring 2023, you are still eligible to participate. If you graduated prior to December 2022, you are ineligible. 


Is the internship virtual?

YES. The 2023 internship is virtual due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.



What are the dates of the program?

The Summer 2023 internship is from May 30 - August 4, 2023.


Does the program cost any money?

NO. There is no cost to participate in the program; interns receive a stipend.  


What is the internship stipend amount?

The stipend amount is $3,500 received in four equal payments over the summer. The stipend is intended to assist students in covering some of their living expenses during the program.

Can I earn academic credit for the Harvard Alumni for Black Advancement Summer Internship?

YES. We are happy to participate in any program your school has which might allow your Harvard Alumni for Black Advancement internship to fulfill credit requirements.


Is there a minimum or recommended GPA requirement?

NO. There is no minimum or recommended GPA requirement. 

My university only offers paper transcripts. Can I mail it?

NO. Paper transcripts must be scanned into PDF format and uploaded to the online application. 

I have attended more than one college, should I send all my transcripts?

YES. Include transcripts of any and all schools you have attended since high school.


How does the reference process work?

Please thoroughly read through the directions in the application's Reference section.


After you complete your reference's information (name and email) and save your application, an email invitation will be sent to the email address you provided for your reference. The email invitation will contain a link to complete their letter.

We encourage all applicants to check in with their reference to ensure that they have received the email regarding the letter. Please have your reference check their Spam folder when trying to locate the email invitation.

References have until Friday, March 31, 2023 at 11:59pm EST to submit their letter. 


What is a Unique Identifying Number?

A unique identifying number is sent to your reference that connects their letter to your application. 

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